Taking to the skies when crisis hits

How the UN Humanitarian Air Service in Sudan helps tens of thousands of refugees from the Tigray region of Ethiopia get the emergency assistance they desperately need

Refugees from Ethiopia on the eastern Sudanese side of the border with Ethiopia just across the river. Photo: WFP/Leni Kinzli
WFP-marked mobile warehouses to store food assistance in Um Rakuba refugee camp in eastern Sudan Photo: WFP/Niema Abdelmageed
WFP workers and volunteers distribute lentils to refugee families from Ethiopia in Village 8 settlement in eastern Sudan. Photo: WFP/Joost Bastmeijer
Refugees from Ethiopia at Hamdayet reception centre after crossing into eastern Sudan. Photo: WFP/Leni Kinzli
An UNHAS Mi-8 helicopter waits to receive passengers in eastern Sudan with a list of donors to UNHAS in 2020. Photo: WFP/Niema Abdelmageed



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