Helping vulnerable women and children in Djibouti through COVID, and changing their lives

The NGO Solidarité Féminine (Sisterhood) uses cash and a whole lot more to help women in the capital

Hawa Mohammed Robleh [right], a mother of six, picks up WFP cash vouchers in the offices of NGO Solidarité Féminine (Sisterhood) in the capital of Djibouti. WFP/Miguel Tomas
Women wait to collect their cash vouchers. Many of them lost their incomes as street vendors because of restrictions to slow the spread of COVID-19. Photo: WFP/Miguel Tomas
Madina Maldiha, the NGO’s treasurer, is a volunteer and says the stories of the women she helps make her own problems feel very small. (WFP/Miguel Tomas)

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